Volunteering In Wales, Europe or South Africa

History of the Black Voluntary Sector Network Wales

Black Voluntary Sector Network Wales (BVSNW) was formed 1997 as a direct result of the continual search by Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups and communities for a solution to the prejudice, discrimination and racism that they experienced. For the Official Site click here.

Since its inception the organisation has moved on into embracing a more multi stranded and holistic approach to achieving its goals.

BVSNW is an umbrella, membership organisation that actively represents, supports and promotes the interests of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities and the BME Voluntary Sector in Wales. We also deliver front-line services to our membership and BME communities throughout Wales.


  • Raising awareness of the needs of the Black Voluntary Sector and BME communities
  • Building the capacity of the Black Voluntary Sector
  • Represent, support and campaign on behalf of BME voluntary organisations, community groups, volunteers and communities in Wales
  • To play a strategic role in advocating the needs of BME communities within policy and strategy

Take Part in Voluntary Work in Swansea or Abroad

Disaster Relief

The HF Medical Disaster Relief Team (MDRT) is able to respond rapidly to disasters around the globe using its global presence and pool of volunteer doctors and engineers.

Normally after such an incident, a small assessment unit is dispatched to look at the scale of the problem, the needs of the local people and how best to work in collaboration with local authorities and other agencies active in the area.

The team would then normally send volunteers from around the globe to do the following types of activity:

  • Setting up Medical Camps to provide emergency first aid and treat injuries
  • Setting up Emergency Shelter to provide safety and cover basic needs for a few days to 6 months
  • Establish sanitation facilities to support temporary accommodation shelters and camps
  • Provision of hot food and clean water
  • Provide counselling for stress and trauma

Conservation Adventure Expedition Australia

Join an action packed 4 week expedition combining the highlights of Queensland Australia's adventure activities with critical conservation projects.

Permaculture University: Sustainable Living Course

Learn how to live in harmony with mother earth! Spend 2 weeks in Costa Rica at the Permaculture University and learn all about living sustainably on this great planet of ours.

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